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The right payroll advice

All businesses are different and payroll can be complex. Payroll Matters offers a bespoke service to help you. We make sure you’re paying your people correctly and provide specific detailed solutions to help you get it right – because regardless of what business you’re in, Payroll Matters.

Payroll’s our bread and butter – what’s yours?

Talk to us if you:

  • have a specific payroll issue you’d like assessed
  • want a general payroll once-over to make sure you’re ticking all the right boxes
  • have had notice from the Government that you need to make changes in your payroll, but are unsure how to make them
  • need help with payroll record-keeping from a Chartered Accountant’s perspective
  • want assistance in understanding the complicated payroll legislation (and that’s fair enough!)
  • want to avoid expensive Government fines for incorrect payroll administration
  • you’re pretty sure you’re all over it, but want to double check

About Me

I’m Valerie, a Chartered Accountant (CA), Registered Financial Advisor (RFA) and unintentional payroll expert.

Over the past decade, payroll has been my forté in my work across a wide range of industries including travel, office supplies, recruitment and quick service restaurants.

With each new industry I worked in there was a whole new set of challenges around paying staff correctly. I realised mistakes were too easily made, and even though there are good payroll systems out there, they’re not all fully equipped to consider the many variables and decide how to pay someone.

I spent a lot of time deciphering the complicated legislation to get it right. When looking for verification of processes within the restaurant industry, I searched fora specialist auditor to double-check our systems – but there was no-one out there. That’s what sparked the idea for Payroll Matters, and here I am: offering New Zealand’s only dedicated payroll auditing service. I’ve made payroll my bread and butter, so you can focus on yours.

I work closely with an employment law training expert, and have extensive experience in payroll compliance – especially for permanent part-time employees – so you can be confident that your payroll is safely in the hands of an expert offering best practice solutions.

Payroll isn’t everyone’s cuppa, but it is mine – get in touch and I’ll gladly check it’s right for you.



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Getting your payroll wrong can be costly. Our Systems Review is a cost-effective way to ensure you’re getting it right!

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