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Payroll is complicated and requires a specialist. A compliant payroll builds staff trust, keeps IRD happy and maintains a healthy bottom line however, you can’t rely on technology alone to deliver on your payroll obligations.

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Is your payroll losing you money?

Errors in payroll are extremely common – the rule rather than the exception, and a costly one at that.

  • Are you getting your holiday pay correct?
  • Worried you might be overpaying or underpaying some staff?
  • Has Mondayisation got you paying time-and-a-half on the wrong day?
  • Bracing yourself to switch to a new payroll system, but worried about data errors?
  • Selling your business and need to make sure payroll really is working?
  • At risk of incurring hefty Government fines
  • Staff losing confidence?
  • Are your employee contracts accurately reflecting how you pay your employees?

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Payroll Matters – chartered accountant led and the only specialist payroll auditor in New Zealand –  was established to cater to the challenges of increasing complexity in payroll technology, compliance and regulations, as well as the issues posed by new trends in flexibility and mobility in the workforce.

How can Payroll Matters help you?


Mistakes happen. Sometimes they are very public. As reported in the media the below companies have acknowledged errors in Payroll

  • Bunnings
  • District Health Boards
  • Auckland City Council
  • Michael Hill Jeweller
  • Metro Glass NZ (Currently in Court)

If the big guys make mistakes then how do the rest of us expect to get it right?

Talk to Payroll Matters about a payroll audit to catch mistakes before they become a hefty bill.


Collective bargaining, Mondayisation, the rise of the flexible workforce, real-time payroll technology, IRD reporting and a dictionary’s worth of regulations put payroll management beyond the capabilities of most inhouse teams, even for small companies.

Payroll is not a hassle. It is a business critical activity. Talk to Payroll Matters about how our expertise is a safe pair of hands for you.

Subscription Services

For a nominal monthly fee you can pick up the phone and consult an expert on solutions to your payroll challenges. Things change – staff hours, parental leave and circumstances. Payroll Matters advice is on tap can help you navigate issues as they arise.

We understand that your business is unique

Payroll Matters understands that your business is unique and we will never take a cookie cutter approach to your needs.

We don’t know what we don’t know

Payroll Matters was founded to provide employers with the reassurance that comes from expert assessment, oversight and advice from a practical business perspective.

Ultimately anybody who has a payroll is advised to have their payroll independently checked because mistakes do happen and tiny mistakes compound. In an time when business leaders, particularly directors, face massive liabilities if a payroll issue arises, a payroll audit is something you cannot afford not to do.

For peace of mind, the trust of your staff and long term bottom line health of your business, talk to Payroll Matters today about how we can make sure your payroll is as good as you hope it is.

The right payroll advice for you

You can expect:

  • A full inspection of your payroll complete with report and recommendations.
  • No need to keep up with laws and regulations. Payroll Matters does that for you.
  • Expert advice on payroll systems, integration and data migration.
  • Reduce payroll costs and take the administrative tedium out of your payroll.
  • Free yourself up to concentrate on your core business.

Evolving with you, helping you grow

Talk to Payroll Matters if…

  • You need a specific payroll issue assessed.
  • Your payroll needs a general once-over to make sure it’s ticking the right boxes.
  • Government has given you notice to make changes but you don’t know how.
  • You’re switching to a new system or need to integrate with an online accounting package.
  • Need a CA’s insight on your record keeping.
  • Need to understand complicated legislative requirements.
  • Worried you may be at risk of prosecution for incorrect payroll administration.
  • Want peace of mind that all is well.

Payroll is our bread and butter, what’s yours?

New Zealand’s first specialist payroll auditors.

Ask about our advice on tap subscription service

For a low monthly subscription fee you can tap into the expertise of a chartered accounting backed payroll expert with extensive experience across both the corporate and SME space – retail, hospitality, services and manufacturing – New Zealand wide.

This is the age of the payroll specialist

“When I worked in corporate we engaged a premier chartered accounting firm to do a payroll audit for one of our franchises. They said they could do it, but it quickly became apparent that they were making it up as they went. That’s when I saw the need for specialist payroll auditors – even as a chartered accountant I engage tax specialists. The same applies to payroll.”

– Valerie Broomfield (B. Comm CA ), founder.

Payroll is our forté 

Payroll Matters founder Valerie Broomfield (B. Comm CA) and Registered Financial Advisor (RFA) was the chief financial officer for a major New Zealand franchise chain when she recognised that there were no specialist payroll auditors who could help her solve some of the complexities of payroll.

“In every industry I worked – from travel to office supplies, recruitment and quick service restaurants – there was always a whole new set of challenges around paying staff correctly. I realised mistakes were too easily made, and even though there are good payroll systems out there, they’re not all fully equipped to consider the many variables and decide how to pay someone.”

– Valerie Broomfield (B. Comm CA ), founder.

Backed by extensive experience in payroll compliance and working closely with employment law experts, you can be confident that with Payroll Matters your payroll is in safe hands.

​If you have a ‘niggling feeling’ that not everything is as it should be with your payroll, then a SYSTEMS REVIEW by Payroll matters may be the cost effective health check you need.

 Talk to Payroll Matters today about how we can help give you the peace of mind that comes from a tidy payroll.


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